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Vodafone You

Vodafone Romania decided at the beginning of 2015 to launch the new sub-brand Vodafone YOU, catering to the very young consumer (under 20) while betting on their sense of belonging.

The prepaid card and the associated app play on the new dogma of social camaraderie and digital lifestyle. Brandient created the core visual identity for this brand in March 2015.
The concept behind the brand’s identity was the idea of a gestural symbol and a friendly salutation among youngsters — the fist bump gesture. Consequently, the “YOU” letters and a fist contour were fused into a graffiti tag-style logo that read both as wordmark and symbol.
Functionally, the main driver of the resolve was the social interaction, the appeal of building a “Bump” interaction — following the metaphor of Facebook’s famed piece of gestural branding, the “Like”, which signifies both befriending, sharing and appreciation.
Communication-wise, Brandient imagined a non-standard platform of gesture-driven branding in TV commercials and gesture-driven branded photography, to reinforce the standard visual identity.

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