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TVR Romanian Public Television

Romanian Public Television (TVR) — an institution with extremely high visibility and impact and an important vector of nation image—needed a strong brand supported by organizational values, a clear strategy and a memorable and functional identity.

For about one and a half year, Brandient provided TVR with brand consulting and brand auditing, developed the strategic brand platform, the brand slogans and design the identity applications and the internal branding programme.
The brand audit and the marketing research revealed the lack of unity of the four channels’ corporate identity and the necessity of a distinct positioning. Consequently, Brandient recommended the rebuilding of brand architecture under the endorsement of TVR corporate brand, developed clear positioning, differentiation and personality for each channel sub-brand and set up the strategic and creative support for rebuilding the internal brand.
Based on the tender documentation elaborated by Brandient, the winning agency English&Pockett (London) designed the unitary, harmonious, memorable, passionate and modern new visual identity of TVR.
Brandient developed the graphic platform and the brand rhetoric and designed the applications that would build personality, clarity and consistency over time.

In a service category, the internal brand is perhaps the single most important success factor of rebranding and renewal. In the case of TVR, Brandient facilitated the understanding of internal branding’s role and gave it a creative form.
An ample internal communication campaign—sustained by posters & banners, employees’ newsletter and intranet—aimed to cultivate an organizational behavior based on the brand’s values and vision.

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