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Tinmar is a leading energy services integrator, present in more than 20 European markets, and the largest privately-owned B2B energy supplier in Romania, its country of origin.

Committed to deliver integrated utility services of electricity, oil and natural gas, the company is driven by the ambition to become the best modern utility services provider in the region. In 2016, when the Romanian energy market underwent a deregulation process, Tinmar decided to enter the consumer market, and undertook a rebranding process to prepare the brand for building the specific relationship with the residential consumer.

The aim of the rebrand was two-fold: to help the group establish itself as a reliable energy provider for domestic consumers in the context of fierce competition from established, mainly global players, and to better reflect the actual business performance and future ambitions.

The design challenge of the new Tinmar identity was to consolidate the stature of the business — and thus reinforce its leadership on the B2B market — but at the same time to provide a strong sense of reliability for the new segment of domestic consumers.

With a wordmark conveying both energy and engineered precision, the new identity is built around a polymorphic symbol — the crystal 3D “T” monogram — that changes its angle for each entity (parent company, energy, oil and gas). The subsidiary identities use the same colors in different proportions, each with a code-color dominating slightly. The proprietary symbol is rigid yet transformative, massive yet ethereal, precise yet colorful — apt for a player that must transmit both scale and easy, friendly service, claiming “At your service, with all our energy!”

• Graphis Platinum Award at Logo Design 9 Competition in 2016.

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