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Solaris is the umbrella brand for a wide range of goods in the raw food, cereals, spices, and natural remedies category.

The brand is owned by Radix Plant — the biggest Romanian distribution company in this category. Since 1993, Radix Plant has advocated the natural alternatives to the modern food, on a dynamic market that is aligning rapidly to the international trend towards healthy nutrition.

The signature of Solaris creates a visible and distinctive positioning in the raw food, spices, and natural remedies category, embracing a leading visual discourse: powerful, relevant for its customers, authentic in its promise. The logo speaks about the values and benefits of the brand: optimism, simplicity, unprocessed ingredients for a balanced and healthy nutrition.
The visual identity is backed by a generous support in communication materials, starting from product display to posters and flyers, from the branding of the livery to various stationery supplies. The whole range of brand communication was built around the logo by exploring its visual force and offering coherence to all manifestations of the brand.

• Graphis Merit Award in 2013.
• “Exceptional use of color in design” Award at Color in Design Competition organized by HOW + Print + Pantone in 2012.

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