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Qualians emerged in 2005 as a new brand in consultancy, learning and professional development for companies, following many years of the founders successfully running a global training franchise and organizing management conferences featuring worldwide gurus like Philip Kotler.

The company established initially as the authority in open courses and management training, but gradually added new services to its portfolio. Almost a decade after its establishment, the brand needed to be revisited as a stronger, more complex umbrella brand, adapted to the flexible “new normal” market context.

The company was seeking from the onset a premium positioning, and for that purpose it brought together the most reputable trainers and practitioners in both general management and specialized disciplines like marketing, branding, finance or tax. The original name Qualians was coined from ‘quality’ and ‘alliance’, thus memorably expressing the core vision and beliefs of the founders.

In an industry with modest performance in terms of brand image and differentiation, the brand design was approached as a tool for signalizing, differentiation and functionality. That was achieved by developing a modern, flexible and digitally suited illustration system completed by the evolution from a wordmark-based logo to a more complex one—inspiring both trust and flexibility.

The pawn—possibly the most powerful chess piece in some situations—symbolizes knowledge, expertise and intelligence, with a humbleness touch. The illustration system mirrors the flexibility and the human touch of the brand, both in designing learning and development solutions and in client approach—enhancing, overall, the relationship that the brand builds with its clients.

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