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Minima Moralia

Domeniul Coroanei wines are highly ranking and multi-awarded at prestigious international wine competitions, and probably the most commendable representative of the new Romanian wines.

In 2012, Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea decided to group some of the best blends of the vineyard in a collection with a strong character, that would match and reflect six fundamental human values: Honor, Gratitude, Devotion, Hope, Honesty and Respect. The name Minima Moralia — borrowed from the philosophers’ realm — brings the six values together.

There is truth in wine, the saying goes, and also in the peoples’ eyes — this was the insight that lead to the creation of the wine’s identity. Plus our creative director Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul’s obsession over the soul-touching merit of photography.

The packaging depicts real people with an archetypal visual character, explored through the unique detail, texture and bokeh of wet plate photography (collodion and tintype) — an old technique kept alive by aficionados. Thus, three photographers — Michael Shindler (San Francisco), Alex Timmermans (The Netherlands) and Bernt Nielsen (Norway) — joined our endeavor and provided the magnificent pictures we embedded in the identity. The model of the Gratitude picture was the respective artist’s father, who sadly passed away shortly.

The brand was successfully launched internationally in 2012 at the top class Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair and has gathered so far 14 international awards. A special launch on the Romanian market was celebrated in the CEC Palace in December 2012.

• LA Int’l Wine & Spirits Competition Best of Class in 2013.

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