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Jessalynn Chen, Business Director, Asia

Jess is a dedicated relationship builder and brand experience enabler, with more than a decade of branding experience in Singapore and Asia at large.

Before joining Brandient, Jessalynn spent more than a decade in both business development, marketing and client management (most recently as Business Director) at FITCH (Singapore), a leading global retail and brand experience consultancy. She graduated the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore.
A critical and strategic thinker, Jessalynn thrives in progressive, empowered and forward-looking environments, and contributes to maximising the impact of entrepreneurially creative teams with ownable missions. A leader and mentor as much as a team player, Jess is a trustful partner for both colleagues and clients. She is effectively bilingual with excellent proficiency in oral and written English and Chinese, as well as a number of local dialects.
Balancing her working act with a loving family, Jess also admits in private to some weaknesses such as a dynamite personality, a soft spot for e-commerce shopping, and interests such as tech, fashion and performance cars.

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