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Help Net

Help Net is a top drugstore chain in Romania and the reputation leader in the category, with over 150 outlets in urban areas — which grew organically over the past two decades as one of the few top women-led businesses in Romania.

The market context is highly regulated and highly competitive, under the pressure of consumers’ austerity budgets, but still prone to segmentation, while the prevalent business model is to achieve growth by more usage of collateral products like cosmetics, nutritional supplements etc. Our mandate was for rebranding — specifically for revisiting the positioning and refreshing the visual identity, streamlining the multiple brand manifestations and brand alignment.

While most players engaged in a blurring mix of “lowest price” and “value for money” promises, which make the drugstores looking more like a minimarket, Help Net assumed a positioning in competence, focused on the point of sale experience. The claimed authority is demonstrable by the professional competence, the quality of the portfolio, and the quality of the human relationship with the customers.

The new brand platform provides a generous graphic identity — with plenty of brand property, an icon system that conveys professional competence, maturity, education, a positive spirit and affinity with consumer’s lifestyle. Deployment of the elegant, minimalist new logo was complemented by the window treatment, which provides a lively depiction of the brand story.

The store window was practically transformed in a fascia, thus achieving brand consistency across a non-standard range of outlets and dominating the visual “noise” of the cluttered high street landscape.

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