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Geneco is a new brand on the consumer electricity market in Singapore, building on the strength of the wider YTL Group of companies.

Geneco is powered by YTL’s Seraya Energy, a long time leading player on the B2B energy market in Singapore — and it is approaching the Open Electricity Market, currently in soft launch and expected to be extended to the rest of Singapore in the second half of 2018.

The particularities of the consumer market informed the strategic decision to approach this segment with a separate brand, fit for the needs and expectations of the modern Singaporean consumer. Brandient was commissioned to leverage the YTL Group’s existing Geneco brand in the UK — acclaimed for its work in recycling and renewable energy — for the new market and industry context.

To that respect, “Power to empower” has emerged not only as a tagline, but as a potent expression of the commitment to offer the best customer relationship and experience on the market, as well as to positively impact the local communities.

Geneco’s visual identity was designed with a double aim: to express the robust quality and the state of the art engineering arising from its lineage (Power Seraya and YTL Power) on the one hand — and the tenacious commitment to a better, cleaner future inherited from the Geneco sustainability solutions in the UK, on the other.

The Geneco wordmark was designed based on the strong and modern contemporary typefaces in full-swing deployment across all YTL businesses, while the “G-Arrow” symbol, the “eco” emphasis and the color palette were updated and expressed as a nod to its sustainability roots.

The resulting brand identity is clear and sharp, dependable and honest — able to promise significant savings along with a switch-and-forget reliability —, with a twist of wittiness added especially for the delight of the discerning Singaporean customers.

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