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From its beginnings as a small family business in 1996, Cafea Fortuna has risen to be one of the top players on the Romanian coffee market.

As a local business with limited resources, it remarkably succeeded to build a very loyal and mature consumers base, at par with global brands present on the market – but unlike the global players, it had barely employed advertising and collateral promotional activities, with only minor tweaks of its package design for almost 20 years. Facing an increasingly competitive market, and willing to expand its target to younger consumers, the new leadership generation – the founder’s son – appointed Brandient for an identity and packaging design revitalization of their eponymous brand.

The strong familiarity of Cafea Fortuna with its core target prompted the strategic decision to retain, besides the well known name, the equity elements as “brand properties” — mainly the colors, the imagery (the coffee beans, the two cups) and the overall feeling of the packaging. Hence the design challenge: to redesign the identity and packaging in order to extend its appeal to a younger, modern target, while retaining the loyal consumers that built up the brand.

Overall, the new design would have to enhance the products’ perceived quality, modernity and desirability. That required pure design craft, rather than stunning innovation — nevertheless, a novelty visual element was created to further endorse the brand’s quality and to induce a renewed appeal. The feminine figure, reminiscent of the Roman goddess of fortune and luck (with whom the brand shares the name), framed in a circle to resemble both a medallion and a seal, is holding together the new design for its continued journey.

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