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The acquisition by the leading Iberian investment fund GED Capital of four regional GSM dealers lead to the set up of the biggest Orange partner in Romania and the second largest mobile telephony retail network nation-wide. The new venture needed a common brand, so Brandient was commissioned to bring it to life.

The new brand had to smooth the fusion of the four organizations and also to express the broader business vision.Brandient came up with the name, the eye-catching magenta colour and the stamp-like logo, meeting the cumulated requirements of both dealer retail and technology business.
The name Fonomat™ was created as a combination of phone and bancomat (Romanian for ATM), in order to convey, in a memorable fashion, the idea of a place where modern telephony solutions are delivered without hassle.

The graphic identity uses the shape of a stamp, which symbolizes “solved and guaranteed”. The magenta color provides differentiation and visibility, also taking into account the restraints derived from the leadership status.
Fonomat promises to become a Fan Club for the mobile telephony lovers, a place where you enter as a buyer and you leave as a fan™.

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