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Brandient times fifteen

Brandient started up in 2002, in the un-designed country of Romania, and it has been marching on ever since, working with emergent European and Asian entrepreneurs and companies towards achieving value by branding and design.

It’s been not the best of times, but not the worst either. We’ve honed our soft skills by waking up every morning to a new normal and making a fresh lemonade out of it.
If we are to summarize our endeavors so far in fifteen words, those words are: acorn, hard, build, design, human, believe, heroic, chance, emergent, exceptional, brand, reputation, promise, people, value.
People in emerging countries often think, “If I were born in a rich, developed country, my life would have been much better, and my business would have been stronger and more prosperous”. To which we say, “If we were born in a rich, developed country, we would have not had the chance to build Brandient.”
We’ve completed hundreds of notable branding projects, gathered dozens of international awards, been featured in specialty books across the globe — but still count as our most fulfilling experience the amazing people we’ve met on this journey: our exceptional team of designers and consultants, our exceptional clients — brave entrepreneurs and dedicated business managers — and the wider community of all those who thrive on the benefits of branding. Each and every new day with these people is the best of times.
Brandient gets fifteen — but that’s only 3/20 of a century, so there is still 17/20 to go.
Founding Partners
Aneta Bogdan, Cristian Kit Paul, Mihai Bogdan


Below, a selection of photos from our anniversary event “On design: a personal take of Singaporean designer Chris Lee and Romanian designer Cristian Kit Paul — How our work evolved over the past 15 years”

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