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Brandient 101

The book of 101 graphic identities created by Brandient between 2002 and 2010

 Brandient 101 gathers together our work from Brandient’s first years of existence. The book, dedicated to brand design, is one of a kind in Eastern Europe.

“Design must solve business problems and is an investment with a very long shelf life. After half a century of gray uniformity and collectiveness, design offers color and individuality. From this perspective, in Romania, we were at the right place, at the right time”

—Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul, Creative Partner Brandient.

101 corporate or product graphic identities created by Brandient take their place in an elegant collection, offering a comprehensive perspective over our first years of activity.

The graphic identities featured in the book are already part of the everyday life and it is certain that each Romanian has already become familiar with at least one of them.

Many of these identities have won prestigious awards at international competitions and have been published in specialty books abroad.

Brandient 101 is currently out of print.

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