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BIZ Singapore issue

The eastern European business innovation magazine Biz scheduled an issue dedicated entirely to Singapore — the unique hub where art, design and business intertwine and flourish. The assignment was to design a special cover, able to engage a well-traveled, smart reader, and to best capture Singapore’s pulse with maximum wit and minimal graphic means.

Our approach was to create a wordmark inspired by Singapore’s superb architectural monuments. Thus, each glyph in ‘Singapore’ is inspired by a real landmark. For example, the ‘S’ can be traced back to the famous Merlion sculpture, the state’s national symbol, while the ‘E’ stands for the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Connoisseurs of Singapore’s culture will thus recognize the typography inspiration, while non-accustomed readers will be intrigued by the deeply Asian spirit of each letter.

The text reads obviously in English, also Singapore’s official language, but the experience of exploring the cover is much like an exercise in visual Singlish — the variety of English spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements of Chinese and Malay.

• Red Dot Awards Communication Design Winner in 2015.
• Graphis Silver Award at Graphis Design Annual Competition in 2015.
• HiiiBrand Typography Merit Award in 2015.
• German Design Award Nominee in 2017.

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